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Sanken CUB 01 Cardiod Boundary Microphone



Offers a totally new design‐ a Sanken original ‐ which overcomes the limitations of previous boundary microphones, producing an extremely rich and full bodied sound in a much smaller package. Although very small (1.26″ diameter, .5″ tall), and weighing only 1.6oz., the sound is superior to much larger boundary types.

The CUB‐01 is designed for use in many situations like film and television production on set or on location, in a conference room, or on a podium. Especially effective in an automobile, this microphone has become a favorite for production professionals.

Most boundary microphones have almost the same sound characteristics, heard as “thin,” “solid,” and “metallic.” Using Sanken’s advanced technology, the CUB-01 has resolved this problem with its unique square-shaped cardioid capsule. This proprietary design significantly enlarges the effective area of the diaphragm, resulting in a boundary microphone whose sound is rich and natural, with a flat response to 70Hz.


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