36 x dual layer faders.
64 legs assignable as mono, stereo or 5.1 Input Channels.
6 band EQ on every channel, group, aux and main path.
Dynamics on every path, including Expander / gate / ducker, sidechain EQ, key inputs, compressor and multi-band compressor.
36 legs assignable as mono, stereo or 5.1 Mains or Groups.
24 legs assignable as mono or stereo auxes.
Automatic Mix-Minus.
Off-Air Conference.
8 x GPI and 8 x GPO built in.
Significant built-in I/O, with 3 x expansion slots for expand I/O or to interface to multiple formats.
An extensive range of Hydra2 I/O available.
Excellent green credentials; Low weight, power consumption and heat generation.