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Calrec RY6181 8 SFP connection router module

Calrec RY6181 ROUTER CARD.

Card slot 2 is for the primary router
module, slot 8 is for the secondary router
module. The Artemis Light / Summa
router card has 8 SFP ports that can
be fitted with copper or fibre SFPs to
allow connection of Hydra2 I/O boxes
and connections to other consoles or
Router Cores. A single RJ45 port labeled
Ethernet allows for 3rd party equipment
supporting the SW-P-08 or Ember
protocols to interface for remote control.
As well as the standard status LEDs there
are front panel indicators to show the
active sync source and for activity on the
RJ45 and SFP ports.
Redundancy is optional when a Summa
with 128 channels is chosen. Secondary
cards are replaced with blanking plates in
non-redundant systems.