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Calrec UN6210 – 4u Control Module

Card slots 4 and 6, immediately adjacent
on either side of the reset and sync card,
are for Control Processor cards. Slot 4 is
for the primary, normally active card and
slot 6 is for the secondary, hot-spare card.
As well as the standard status LEDs,
LEDs are provided to show activity on
the RJ45 and SFP ports. LEDs are also
provided to show the heartbeat status of
other cards within the core.
Three ethernet ports are provided for
interfacing with external control systems.
Two surface connections are available
for connecting a the control surface, an
extension or sidecar if required (Artemis
only) and a maintenance PC.
Redundancy is optional when a Summa
with 128 channels is chosen. Secondary
cards are replaced with blanking plates in
non-redundant systems.