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Sennheiser MM 435 Cardioid (for Vocalists)

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Dynamic microphone capsule (cardioid) with nuanced resolution and transparency for a detailed sound. It amplifies vocals effortlessly, even in loud environments. Spring-mounted with a rugged metal basket, the MM 435 is superbly protected from external influences. Broad compatibility thanks to the Sennheiser standard capsule interface.

The MM 435 provides every voice a commanding presence. Its high-quality aluminium-copper voice coil refines high frequencies with detailed transparency and highlights even the finest nuances. Even subtle vocals can be heard and accentuated effortlessly in the mix.

The MM 435 may be sensitive when reproducing vocals, but it is robust when it comes to handling. The cardioid pickup pattern allows the user to be at varying distances and angles from the microphone and provides reliable protection against feedback.

The MM 435 is the legitimate successor of the renowned MD 9235 head. It has proven itself in highly demanding live and broadcast productions and professional wireless systems worldwide. The MM 435 is compatible with all Sennheiser wireless systems based on the standard capsule interface.