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Calrec ED6207 – 4U Router Core Enclosure

The Artemis Light and Summa processing
core is a 4U 19” rack mount unit
designed for installation into standard
19” equipment bays. The core is cooled
by fan assisted convection. Air is drawn
in through inlets on the front panels of
the cards fitted in the core. Air exits via
9 fans mounted to the rear of the core,
across the top. The speed of each fan is
monitored and error reports are generated
for any failures. Air inlets and fans should
be left clear and unobstructed to ensure
air can flow through the card frame. No
clearance is required above or below
the core for cooling. All connections,
including power. are made to the front
of the core which is recessed from the
racking angles to allow cable clearance
within the bay