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Junger B40 Digital Audio Toolbox

The programmable digital audio toolbox b40 is a professional
studio device for simple processing of 4 digital audio channels.
It is easy to change, to process and to rearrange up to 4 signals
with the audio toolbox b40. Level corrections for stereo or quad
mixes, channel swapping, fades – efficient and fast done with the
toolbox b40. It is not necessary to use a production mixer for
duplication, dubbing or simple editing – b40 has the functionality.
The four channel configuration matches the audio capability of
Digital VTR’s. B40 can be used as remotable and programmable
audio breakout box in digital video systems.
The unit is easy to operate and requires only a limited number of
settings for fast and efficient audio production.
• 4 channel programmable digital audio toolbox
• user friendly preset and recall system

• 4 x 4 mix-matrix
• input and output gain control, automated fader function
• audio delay, level/overload display
• pairwise bit transparent mode input to output
• extern sync mode, AES/EBU or VIDEO (or SDI if
optional SDI-interface is present)
• RS-422 interface for serial remote
• GPI interface for parallel remote control, tally output